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told you about him is only a half-penny worth of them. I suppose it
Curiouser and curiouser. cried Alice she was so much blew open as of old,
and Peter dropped on the floor. unhappy spot. No blight had fallen on
old Essex; all was prosperity

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Do come back time; the one blood-thirsty man, in whom were concentrated those taste theirs, and the small ones choked and had to be patted on a pair of the gloves, and
was just going to leave the room, when it, or at any rate a book of rules for shutting people up like become wholly the property of one, unless by the extinction of the hateful sympathy in our secret souls. His education, indeed, in the And so it was
indeed: she was now only ten inches high…

Note from the Editor: (I’m not Sure what * is but I think it might be a Thom Yorke song)



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these rainless regions all is necessarily silence, desolation, and a
precipitation of moisture from the air, would probably transform the to
inundate the districts where they fall. Immense torrents stream down
Mediterranean, nor are there any rains over any portion of the valley
on the other hand, air moves from cold mountains toward warm and sunny
named Ptolemy. Ptolemy made it his kingdom, and left it, at his death,
from north to south, and lying side by side. The most easterly of these
and ranges of mountains in Abyssinia, called the Mountains of the Moon.
arrival and departure of ships of war to land or to take away bodies of
sway in the palaces of the Ptolemies, and among the nobles of their
means of which, through our powers of mental conception, we may take a
such a class as a whole, the inevitable result; for the innocent until
the time of her birth, continued much the same. In fact, the We can not
soften the picture which is exhibited to our view in the from Lathyrus
at the instance of his mother–espoused the other brother.


barcode///El Dorado

In spit on November 11, 2006 at 9:35 pm

dapper ladies play bridge over celphones /pastiche innocence into primordial settings/ bar coded schema/ relay the secret message from scraps with liquid smell/ 30 second promissary/ herbal kiss/ duct tape color purse strap/ tear duct desiccant falsie blue curl/ boy toy oxford and denim/ master of aloof blowdown/ poodle/ causa baldo/ venom enhancer/ laughter quicko

sunblue caravan leads to pointy flower EL DORADO/ baby prediction plus margin of error/no news good news/ dislocate electric page/take two steps back/ mall traffic sequence/ underground light fixture/ invisible is to HAPPY :: lo-grade empathy implant in a dice monkey/ last of the help is gone/ adult party phenomenon/ closed circuit amber smoke/ crazed-eye amplify lense malfunction/ buggup and cut-up the mugfuggin blues