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Make Yr Own Band

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You have to admit it's getting better : a response to Beatles Rock Band



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iViva Joybubbles!

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Viva Joybubbles

kaseti shanties

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today I read about a new record label – Yaala Yaala Records – which in association with Drag City is releasing recordings from Mali, recorded basically on boomboxes and commonly sold at street joints called kaseti shantis. I’m intrigued… also, this sequence of cassettes I nabbed from some artist on myspace… whew! a hard days work…

How Can You Be So Sure Of Yourself?

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How CAN you be so sure of yourself…
Step # 4 : Establish a Heirarchy amongst your Devotees /
People respond favorably to Order

Get Into Nature

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grand canyon skywalk

Travel …in construction :

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Highlands Hotel, Kashmir

Highlands Hotel, Kashmir – Photo by Simon Weller

I’d rather like to have a page devoted to travel (in a broad sense of that term). In the mean time, here is some photography Simon Weller . Simon recently spent 10 days in Kashmir after an assignment in India for the BBC.

Make Angels Not War

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To my family, farm folk from North Dakota, Bismarck was “The Town”. Now the citizens of Bismarck have really put themselves on the map, and I’m proud of them: 8,120 folks making angels not war.

Bismarck Angels

From The Conservative Voice :

“It’s fun and puts us on the map,” Edna Arvidson, 84, of Bismarck. “People think there’s nothing going on up here.”

“That’s phenomenal organization and something really to be proud of,” said Paul Judge, a Michigan Tech biochemistry major who helped organize Michigan’s attempt. “I’m sure once their numbers are verified, there will be a quick reorganization attempt here to reclaim our record.”

Corso Y Cross

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Corso Y Cross


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a painting by osho
on loan

thanks osho