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iViva Joybubbles!

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Viva Joybubbles


How To Help Hal (Part 1)

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middle class rich

Damon Winter/The New York Times

Hal is a marketing executive from Silicon Valley. Hal is age 51. Pictured here in a modest blue collar dress shirt, in front of a suburban looking backyard fence, Hal is the exemplar of a recent New York Times front-page story chronicling the woes of a new class of American society: the middle class rich.

Hal works 12 hours a day, arriving at work at 7am most mornings. He works an average of 10 hours on the weekend. He has a $1.2 million home that is paid off and he and his spouse are worth an estimated $3.5 million. Good job, Hal.

Hal says “a few million doesn’t go as far as it used to.” For fun, let’s see what Hal might be able to do if he liquidated a mere 1/2 of his assets. $3.5 mill / 2 = $1.75 mill. Say the feds were to take almost half. Hal would be left with about $1 million to play around with while the other $1.75 mill would continue to mature in the diversified investments of his choice.

With roughly $1 million – free and clear – Hal and his family may choose to: Purchase a seaside villa on the South Coast of Jamaica. 8 bed, 8 bath w/ “beautiful ocean and mountain views”… more details

At a mere $675,000 (he could probably do better with a little leg-work) minus $25,000 to grease some local wheels, Hal & Co could settle down w/ roughly $350,000. According to the World Bank, an average Jamaican family subsists on under $4000 a year. If they could squeeze by on merely 3Xs the local average – $12,000/year – Hal & Co should be able to make it until Old Hal turns 80. That’s 3 years past the average life expectancy for an American and 5 years past that of a Jamaican. Not bad, Hal.

Do you have any other thoughts of how to help Hal?

Arms For Oil Ain’t No Joke

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An Excerpt from the NYT, June 7, 2007:

LONDON (AP) — A Saudi prince received millions of dollars for his own use as part of Britain’s largest arms deal, the British Broadcasting Corp. said.

In upcoming report from its ”Panorama” program, the BBC says that the payments went to Prince Bandar bin Sultan, who negotiated the $80 billion Al-Yamamah arms deal to sell 100 warplanes in 1985.

BAE Systems, the prime contractor, has denied that it ever violated British law in relation to the contract. Prince Bandar refused to comment, the BBC said in a statement Wednesday.

Al-Yamamah, meaning ”the dove,” was the name given to an agreement under which BAE supplied Tornado fighter jets and other military equipment to Saudi Arabia, which paid the British government with oil. The full extent of the deal was never revealed but it was widely believed to be Britain’s largest-ever export agreement.

Prince Bandar bin Sultan ///
Would Somebody Please buy this Dude a Plane?

Prime Minister Tony Blair has taken responsibility for calling off an investigation by the Serious Fraud Office into allegations that BAE Systems ran a $120 million ”slush fund” offering sweeteners to Saudi officials in return for contracts as part of the Al-Yamamah deal.

”This investigation, if it had gone ahead, would have involved the most serious allegations in investigations being made into the Saudi royal family and my job is to give advice as to whether that is a sensible thing in circumstances where I don’t believe the investigation incidentally would have led anywhere except to the complete wreckage of a vital strategic relationship for our country,” Blair said. ”Quite apart from the fact that we would have lost thousands, thousands of British jobs.”

bush saudi abdullah old friends

Bush + Abdullah = Forever

fox shock and awe

Miss Shock & Awe: What Else You Got?

What Wonderful * ECommerce Create:

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told you about him is only a half-penny worth of them. I suppose it
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and Peter dropped on the floor. unhappy spot. No blight had fallen on
old Essex; all was prosperity

Valued customer, It’s Summertime! Time to look nice on the sandy beach.
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indeed: she was now only ten inches high…

Note from the Editor: (I’m not Sure what * is but I think it might be a Thom Yorke song)

Missiaen, the filmmaker…

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mike missiaen
…not the famous composer nor the notorious skate-punk turned attorney-at-law…

He’s a filmmaker specializing in Super 8–yes he’s also the subject of the cult-hop classic “Mike Missiaen” by Mix Master Mitch, possibly the most jewish of the non-jewish rappers–and he’s also a budding linguist…

MM says of his curious last name: “It’s pronounced “mĭ·shôn” or “mɪ·ʃɔn”. I’m pretty sure it’s Flemish. That means it comes from Flanders, which is the northern part of Belgium. I’m 1/8 Flemish. Some in my family believe the name must have come from France originally. One data point to support this is that the composer and synesthete Olivier Messiaen is French.”

Check out his Joint, it’s casual arty: MM

kaseti shanties

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today I read about a new record label – Yaala Yaala Records – which in association with Drag City is releasing recordings from Mali, recorded basically on boomboxes and commonly sold at street joints called kaseti shantis. I’m intrigued… also, this sequence of cassettes I nabbed from some artist on myspace… whew! a hard days work…


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from north to south, and lying side by side. The most easterly of these
and ranges of mountains in Abyssinia, called the Mountains of the Moon.
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How Can You Be So Sure Of Yourself?

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How CAN you be so sure of yourself…
Step # 4 : Establish a Heirarchy amongst your Devotees /
People respond favorably to Order

Get Into Nature

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grand canyon skywalk

Make Angels Not War

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To my family, farm folk from North Dakota, Bismarck was “The Town”. Now the citizens of Bismarck have really put themselves on the map, and I’m proud of them: 8,120 folks making angels not war.

Bismarck Angels

From The Conservative Voice :

“It’s fun and puts us on the map,” Edna Arvidson, 84, of Bismarck. “People think there’s nothing going on up here.”

“That’s phenomenal organization and something really to be proud of,” said Paul Judge, a Michigan Tech biochemistry major who helped organize Michigan’s attempt. “I’m sure once their numbers are verified, there will be a quick reorganization attempt here to reclaim our record.”