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Make Yr Own Band

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You have to admit it's getting better : a response to Beatles Rock Band


DAVOS: Pronouncements From the Sanatorium

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A World Econ Flow Chart

Part of the big uncertainty is where the bodies are buried – R.G. Rajan, former chief economist of the IMF.

In Davos, the world’s elite are meeting in banquet rooms to discuss our fate. With celebrity appearances and all the usual scribes in attendance, they are making pronouncements from the sanatorium. And the reports so far are downright bizarre.

Talk on high of “Corporate Responsibility” and “Socially Conscious Capitalism”; Talk of “crisis sessions from the hotel suites”. Really? What is this, ANXIETY in the AGE OF GREAT MODERATION?

Bill Gates is slated to issue a call to arms: A New Approach to Capitalism in the 21st Century. “People are asking themselves” said Klaus Schwab, host of the event “What are the boundaries of the capitalist system? They think that the market may not always be the best mechanism for providing solutions.” Has George Soros comandeered the control room with a pack of penitent philanthropists?

Man, this latest Market Crash has got people more than a little worked up? Could it be that the profit reports are finally reflecting what any Joe has been experiencing for years, if not generations? Sweet Jesus, will the lion really lie down with the lamb?

Doing Davos With a Celebrity Friend

How To Help Hal (Part 1)

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middle class rich

Damon Winter/The New York Times

Hal is a marketing executive from Silicon Valley. Hal is age 51. Pictured here in a modest blue collar dress shirt, in front of a suburban looking backyard fence, Hal is the exemplar of a recent New York Times front-page story chronicling the woes of a new class of American society: the middle class rich.

Hal works 12 hours a day, arriving at work at 7am most mornings. He works an average of 10 hours on the weekend. He has a $1.2 million home that is paid off and he and his spouse are worth an estimated $3.5 million. Good job, Hal.

Hal says “a few million doesn’t go as far as it used to.” For fun, let’s see what Hal might be able to do if he liquidated a mere 1/2 of his assets. $3.5 mill / 2 = $1.75 mill. Say the feds were to take almost half. Hal would be left with about $1 million to play around with while the other $1.75 mill would continue to mature in the diversified investments of his choice.

With roughly $1 million – free and clear – Hal and his family may choose to: Purchase a seaside villa on the South Coast of Jamaica. 8 bed, 8 bath w/ “beautiful ocean and mountain views”… more details

At a mere $675,000 (he could probably do better with a little leg-work) minus $25,000 to grease some local wheels, Hal & Co could settle down w/ roughly $350,000. According to the World Bank, an average Jamaican family subsists on under $4000 a year. If they could squeeze by on merely 3Xs the local average – $12,000/year – Hal & Co should be able to make it until Old Hal turns 80. That’s 3 years past the average life expectancy for an American and 5 years past that of a Jamaican. Not bad, Hal.

Do you have any other thoughts of how to help Hal?


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Why is Slate so Smug?

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Regarding Obama Messiah Watch at Slate.com “which will periodically highlight gratuitously adoring biographical details that appear in newspaper, television, and magazine profiles of this otherworldly presence in our midst.”

Well isn’t that rather smug? Heaven forbid–or should I say cognescenti forbid–people of all stripes and ideological bent should get a little more than tepidly excited about a public figure and potential president.

At any rate, the inaugural outing by Timothy Noah faltered pretty quickly, first citing some limp praise Obama received while a student at Harvard. A former classmate: “Where I had five pages, Barry had probably a paragraph of the pithiest, tightest prose you’d ever see. … It was very short, very sweet. Obviously somebody almost Clintonesque in being able to sum a whole lot of concepts and place them into a succinct written style.” Yes, by God, Slate is right! This clearly messianic, blindly elegaic praise has got to stop!