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DAVOS: Pronouncements From the Sanatorium

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A World Econ Flow Chart

Part of the big uncertainty is where the bodies are buried – R.G. Rajan, former chief economist of the IMF.

In Davos, the world’s elite are meeting in banquet rooms to discuss our fate. With celebrity appearances and all the usual scribes in attendance, they are making pronouncements from the sanatorium. And the reports so far are downright bizarre.

Talk on high of “Corporate Responsibility” and “Socially Conscious Capitalism”; Talk of “crisis sessions from the hotel suites”. Really? What is this, ANXIETY in the AGE OF GREAT MODERATION?

Bill Gates is slated to issue a call to arms: A New Approach to Capitalism in the 21st Century. “People are asking themselves” said Klaus Schwab, host of the event “What are the boundaries of the capitalist system? They think that the market may not always be the best mechanism for providing solutions.” Has George Soros comandeered the control room with a pack of penitent philanthropists?

Man, this latest Market Crash has got people more than a little worked up? Could it be that the profit reports are finally reflecting what any Joe has been experiencing for years, if not generations? Sweet Jesus, will the lion really lie down with the lamb?

Doing Davos With a Celebrity Friend


Missiaen, the filmmaker…

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mike missiaen
…not the famous composer nor the notorious skate-punk turned attorney-at-law…

He’s a filmmaker specializing in Super 8–yes he’s also the subject of the cult-hop classic “Mike Missiaen” by Mix Master Mitch, possibly the most jewish of the non-jewish rappers–and he’s also a budding linguist…

MM says of his curious last name: “It’s pronounced “mĭ·shôn” or “mɪ·ʃɔn”. I’m pretty sure it’s Flemish. That means it comes from Flanders, which is the northern part of Belgium. I’m 1/8 Flemish. Some in my family believe the name must have come from France originally. One data point to support this is that the composer and synesthete Olivier Messiaen is French.”

Check out his Joint, it’s casual arty: MM

To My First Reader:

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Yah Mon, thanks for checkin it… I’m really just trying to develop my skills w/ the dudernet. But I’m stoked, it fits in perfectly w/ my already manic, haphazard journalistic tendencies… it just allows me to keep a notebook wherever I go. Amazing! The Internet, it Works!

My response to some recent feedback from: kenny bloggins

Bonus: a rad pic from a Mexican Gal’s myspace.

I have seen the face of online banter and it frightens me a little bit

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so-and-so on Jan 11th, 2007 said: MySpace is one of the most horribly designed sites on the Internet. That’s why I like Facebook so much more.

whosit on Jan 12th, 2007 said: Do you think it might become like myspace just better?

lee bob on Jan 12th, 2007 said: Whatsitcalled looks so literate; it’s like professional, and I’m like professional.