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barcode///El Dorado

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dapper ladies play bridge over celphones /pastiche innocence into primordial settings/ bar coded schema/ relay the secret message from scraps with liquid smell/ 30 second promissary/ herbal kiss/ duct tape color purse strap/ tear duct desiccant falsie blue curl/ boy toy oxford and denim/ master of aloof blowdown/ poodle/ causa baldo/ venom enhancer/ laughter quicko

sunblue caravan leads to pointy flower EL DORADO/ baby prediction plus margin of error/no news good news/ dislocate electric page/take two steps back/ mall traffic sequence/ underground light fixture/ invisible is to HAPPY :: lo-grade empathy implant in a dice monkey/ last of the help is gone/ adult party phenomenon/ closed circuit amber smoke/ crazed-eye amplify lense malfunction/ buggup and cut-up the mugfuggin blues


Dig Dig Dig dig Dig dig dig Dig dig Dig

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